how did we get 144 layers

backflips into space


magical manatee teeth

take single tooth

i enjoy erasing the feet

look at this nice usa

why is this ground so floor??????????

oo oooooo ooo oo im sorry

panic at the disco vegan lights

game of thrones offically high

or am i the high one

pretty dandy

im gonna eat a tree maybe now

there are no bears in ohio

i have an idea for an ancestor "hm?" the shitpost.

taking the little jabber thingy and jabbing my fantrolls hords

wanna knoo howi got these cooloeeers???? i fucked a bitch

can i put a dick on her chest?

5 4 3 2 fun! aye?

im taking the moon

what if mirrors could hear and they had to report every year on how your doing just like "this BITCH"

what if someones job was to listen to peoples skype calls

but the real question is *buUURP*

the real question i- eeugh okay

the real question, get this, imlikepanicking breathing in and out

do cal got the booty


do dragons fart fire

you dont have to type that??? im crying

watch here as we take off my fantrolls chest, take out her heart, and put it on a palate of colors

911? 'what is your emergency' i ate tree

woah thats a nice scarf

what if laughing like, killed you or something 'it does' oh my god... dave im gonna die


bumper stickers, thats the word i uh, replace with fuck

3? why not 2? are you guys 3 racist

NEW HEADLINE: is pixlr too racist, find out in FUCK YOU

i wanna be like the, best *breath* vacuum, ever.

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