jake is so like, fucking jake hahhA

aggressively wiggles chin

aggressively wiggles eyebrow

woah, thats new, shudder of disgust

woah.. extend heel

yea fuck you dave youre a little bitch ( ;-; )

walls and ceilings, can have feelings

no dont fuck karkat dave thats a bad idea

and, im holding this wrong

but hes also really cute and i ship that

fans must be alive

ill feed you to snoop dog

do walls have feelings

what if blankets are alive

im doing the world a mighty good job right now

*forgets is on screenshare* *looks at dirkjake*

im gonna roll off the bed and feel cool

good shit


im gonna make a new sick rhyme

*secretly looks at anime (not so secretly!!)*


let me go back to what i was doing *looks at davejake*


drik struder

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